Gallery Cosmos: Fine Arts Space

Gallery Cosmos makes you look at contemporary art in a modern way. Gallery Cosmos is committed on promoting, exhibiting, collecting, preserving and restoring art pieces for the benefit of the art world of the country. This space is for all kind of artistic activities such as visual arts exhibitions both traditional and modern, art talks, art workshops, art camps, art exchange programs as well as interactions, art residencies, art projects, art sponsoring, art books and others related publishing, grants, scholarships, fellowships and awards inside and outside the country for useful benefit and for the promotion of our countries artistic knowledge in the field of Art. It has a special focus on nourishing young talented artists through its organizational activities. Though the gallery has the spirit to emphasis on Bengal art, it has also a treasure trove of art from different region of the earth.

The gallery will focus on contemporary art to taking various approaches to the presentation, interpretation and exposure of the talents of our times. The space embraces diverse culture, times and traditions. It will make noteworthy social, educational and cultural contributions through the promotions of the visual arts.
Gallery Cosmos's pledge is to be a dynamic modern and contemporary art organization and it will be known as an energetic cultural place.